Our Story

Vietnam became our new home in 2015, when our Founder Mari first arrived here.

Missing a taste of home, Mari used to make her own Hummus and Falafel for her family in Vietnam, to remind her of the food she ate everyday growing up in Egypt.

At friend's gatherings and parties, Mari would proudly bring these two dishes and soon after, many friends started to request if they could buy this for themselves, at first, Mari made it to friends at no cost.

in 2020, when the pandemic happened, Mari had a 5 months old new born, as a new mum, in a foreign country, she had to think of a solution to ensure the well being of her small family, and immediately remembered how many people loved her Hummus and Falafel, so she started with a Facebook page to sell these products as a homemade delivery food.

Thanks to the generous love we received from our customers, our business grew quickly, and therefore, we had to adapt to the challenges that faced us.

in 2021, after a year of starting this very small online business, we registered our company officially under the name Cleopatra Foods Company Limited, and we are still continuing to grow day by day, with our main goal is to focus on maintaining the highest quality and food safety standards for our family of consumers.

As a first time young mum, Mari understands the importance of healthy, high quality food, therefore, she strictly and carefully studies every single ingredient and ensures we only work with accredited and certified suppliers and importers.

Mari believes that our food must always have the same love, care, and attention to details as a home cooked meal, so every product at Mari's, is made with passion and precision from our family to yours.